Problem of Disposing the Cake from Filter Press? 


We can Solve the problem with our Closed Cold Filter Cake Dryer Low Temperature

The Closed Cold Filter Cake Dryer developed by Jing Jin Europe, using Low Temperature evaporation and condensation dehumidification principle, adopts convective hot air to dry the high moisture content material on the stainless-steel net belt and then using the wet hot air being cooled by condensation and water removal process to achieve the purpose of drying and reducing the material. The whole machine adopts the fully enclosed modular design and the drying process has no thermal damage.

Own strong drying and material reducing capacity, cake moisture ≤ 10%-60%, can adjusted according to the customer request. The material can be reduced by more than 80%.

Ultra-highly efficient dehumidification and drying process, the operation cost is extremely low. When the user has no heat source, the 83% of moisture content is dried to 30% water content and the operating cost is low to 180kW. H/T.

Cake ≤ 10% moisture content, the material can be reduced by more than 80%.

Watch the Video-Animation: