Unit Pilot Filter Press 250×250


Being able to test the product to be filtered together with your customer on site is certainly the best solution to demonstrate and understand which solution is best suited to your customer’s needs. For this reason Jing Jin Europe provides a complete pilot unit that is easily transportable wherever testing is required.

Our Pilot Filter Press has the following features:

Dimensions of the filter plates:250×250
Type of filter plates:Fixed chamber, full membrane or mixed pack
Minimum number of plates that can be installed: 3 (plate packs can be cut using the blind plate until the necessary number of chambers is obtained)
Maximum number of plates that can be installed:17
Type of filter cloths included:Different models available on customer request
Recessed chamber plate pack feeding pressures:21 bar
Feed pressure for mixed or full membrane packs:8 bar
Squeezing pressure of the membranes:20 bar
Closing pressure of the plate pack:180 bar
Filter press material:Carbon steel painted with anti-acid paint or totally covered with stain stell 304
Plate pack closure:Included, with manual closure
Mud feed flanges:DN 20 PN 20 SS304
Filtrate discharge flanges:DIN 20 PN 16 SS304
Squeezing air supply flanges:DIN 25 PN 21 SS304

Optional Accessories:
Piping in SS304, with manual valves;
Fedding pump (Mono, air pump or centrifugal)
Electrical cabinet with PLC S7-1200 Siemens (Programming excluded);
Sludge tank with agitator (220 Volt, 50 Hz);
Air compressor for squeezing.