Official dealer of Jing Jin Group Co. Ltd.
Warehouse, logistic and production service based in Italy.

From the experience of its management began in 1994 in the sector of solid-liquid separation and the ever more pressing demand of the European market, founded in 2014, the company Jing Jin Europe, the first official dealer based in Europe of Jin Jing Group Co. Ltd. what and currently prime producer in the world of filter plates for filter press placed at No. 1 for sales ranking in the world for eight consecutive years starting from 2004 boasting over 182 patents recognized at the international level.


The purpose of Jing Jin Europe is to serve the European market by offering a logistics base located in Italy and reduce to zero the time of material supply in addition to a small production unit. This way to European customers is guaranteed by a technical / commercial direct relationship supported by the experience and professionalism of its team guarantee response times, material and supply of spare parts within 12 hours of request.

With the entry into the European market of Jing Jin Europe, halved the lead time approaching answer directly the services provided to customers in Europe joining with other markets already served which USA, Russia, Japan, Brazil, South Africa and Australia, as well in 123 countries and geographic areas, becoming the first brand in the world.

Jing Jin Europe combined with more than 57 exclusive agents in extra CEE countries, forming a perfect distribution network and a professional support team giving the customer the right solution for every filtration problem.

Jing Jin Europe is able to provide a range of suitable filter plates to each type of filtration, starting from the section of 250 mm up to the maximum plate on the market from 3200×2800 mm, with operating pressures up to 21 bar guarantee deliveries within 30 days.

Our sales team


Alessandro Limonta